Include Everyone Summit

*Digital Impact Awards Africa* will be featured under  the *Include Everyone Summit* 

The program constitutes

  1. Interoperability and Open APIs Hackathon,
  2. Include Everyone Summit ,
  3. Digital Impact Awards Africa.

This will bring together different digital and financial inclusion  stakeholders from across Africa. The project will discover and promote products and services plus innovations which are of strategic importance for Africa’s drive to effectively reap maximum digital dividend that will catalyze Africa’s development.

Given the strategic importance of digital inclusion and financial inclusion in Africa, we call upon all players in the different economic sector industries that embrace digital in their businesses, plus those that provide or use financial services to participate.

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The #IncludeEveryone 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa

The 5th Digital Impact Awards Africa (#DIAA2018 #IncludeEveryone) is underway. As part of our #IncludeEveryone program #DIAA2018 is the leading event honouring the best in digital across Africa. DIAA2018 focus is on financial inclusion.  Nomination submission entries are open from June 25th and will close by July 25th 2018.